Mother Neff - Make Space

mother neff's debut album sends electric jolt through austin's rock scene

Mother Neff’s debut EP, Make Space, will be released Feb. 24 on all major streaming services. Their new EP radiates melodic song writing at its core, but nurtures bold group improvisation reflecting the band’s deeply collaborative style reminiscent of Dr. John’s Gris Gris, The Band’s eponymous album, and George Harrison’s All Things Must Past.

The self-released Make Space daylights seven original songs penned primarily by Grae Baker and Peter Stiles and reflects Mother Neff’s wide range. “Original Sin” and “Ashes” exude a Southern Rock influence while “Supernatural” and “Questions” veer into psych rock territory. “Floating” and “What You Think You Know” explore unconventional and ethereal timbre and rhythmic grooves.



Album Review: Make Space - The Third Eye

The band

Mother Neff explores the cosmic corners where Southern soul, Texas guitars and Louisiana rhythms can create a little star dust to sprinkle over your beautiful hearts. Join us out there.


"Mother Neff is a gang of musical journeymen who have gathered in the musical utopia of Austin to make the type of stuff they love.  Make Space is a beautiful record that'll appeal to fans of roots music, jam bands, and that intersection between country and psych that we call Cosmic Country.  Join them for the ride!

-Third Eye Press


"With smart songwriting that mines excitingly unusual harmonic and melodic veins in a way that sometimes calls to mind JJ Cale, and extended vamps and solos that open up into Grateful Dead-like pockets, Mother Neff can settle into a sweet song or shoot you into the sky with energetic jams."

-Michael Zapruder, renowned songwriter and frontman of the rrunnerrss.

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